थेट शेतकरी ते ग्राहक

सेंद्रीय भाजीपाला ,फळे, धान्य, कडधान्य

देशी गायीचे A २ दूध

कृषीधन ची दूध व दुधजन्य उत्पादने घरपोच डिलिव्हरी

सात्विक कृषिधन प्रॉडक्ट

उच्च दर्जेदार सात्विक प्रॉडक्ट

उच्च दर्जेदार सात्विक प्रॉडक्ट

शुद्ध तेल व सात्विक तूप 

Daily Product- Grocery
Vegetables & Fruits
Grains and Masala
Oil Product
A2 Milk & A2 Milk Product


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All the product we deliver are delivered through our special vehicles. Which we take care for hygiene and  cleanliness with our specially trained staff.

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We maintain a strict quality check for our products to maintain proper quality and quantity of the goods we deliver to you before dispatch and delivery.